Thursday, June 29, 2017

Effective Healing Tips After LASIK Surgery

One of the many benefits that LASIK surgery offers is a fast healing and recovery time. After you undergo the procedure to correct your eyesight, your surgeon will require you to rest and follow important post-surgical instructions. To speed up the recovery process and healing time, as well as avoid complications after surgery, keep the following tips in mind:

Wear Eye Protection

After the procedure, your eyes will probably feel itchy or sore, but it's very important that you avoid touching it at all costs. Wearing an eye shield or goggles will prevent dust and dirt from getting into your eye, as well as prevent any accidents while you sleep. The goggles or shield is also a good deterrent for times when you feel like rubbing or scratching your eyes. 


Your eye doctor will tell you not to get your eyes wet after the procedure. To clean up, instead of a shower, consider taking a bath. Water from the shower might hit your face and water droplets can hit your eyes, causing complications. When bathing, remember not to use shampoo and facial products as they may accidentally get into your eyes. 

Take Prescribed Medication

To aid in the healing process, medicated and lubricated eye drops will be prescribed to you. The drops are important in preventing discomfort or dryness. Make sure to use them as instructed by your doctor.

Avoid Sports and Other Activities

Whether it's contact or non-contact sports, it's better to avoid any sports up to about a month after LASIK surgery. Your vision and depth perception may not have fully adjusted yet, so it's better to stay away from sports and other activities as these can lead to accidents such as getting hit in the eye.

Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Within 24 hours after surgery, you should visit your doctor so he can check up on you. After this visit, your doctor will recommend that you drop by regularly so he can monitor your recovery and determine if you will need other medication.

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