Thursday, March 2, 2017

Orange County Laser Eye Surgery: Can It Improve Your Night Vision?

Do you find it challenging to see clearly at night or in dimly lit rooms? Does this hamper your ability to drive a car safely in the evening, among other regular nighttime tasks? You might be suffering from a condition that affects your night vision. Such issues can severely limit your ability to perform certain activities when the sun goes down.
 The good news is that there is a special kind of laser eye surgery offered by Orange County, CA LASIK eye surgeons, called Wavefront Optimized LASIK eye surgery, which can benefit patients who suffer from conditions that diminish your ability to see well at night.
What causes poor night vision?
Humans have inherently poorer night vision compared to other species in the animal kingdom, but normally, it’s enough for people to find their way in the dark. In itself, weak night vision is not an eye condition, but an effect of an underlying cause. Night vision problems are often caused by complex imperfections in the cornea such as coma, spherical, and trefoil. By addressing any of these issues that you many have, you can improve your night vision. Read more from this blog: http://bit.ly/2nl0X68

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