Thursday, February 16, 2017

3 Warning Signs It’s Time to See Cataract Surgeons

The lens of the eye plays an important role in our vision as it helps focuses light allowing us to see. Over time, however, protein build-up may cloud up the lens of a particular eye. This build-up is called a cataract. If left untreated, cataracts can easily lead to blindness.

Fortunately, cataract surgeons in Los Angeles can easily clear up any cataracts that may be forming in one of your eyes. The key here is to know when to see one for help. After all, early treatment significantly improves your chances of making a full recovery. With that in mind, here are several warning signs you may be developing a cataract:

Blurring vision

Cataracts usually start out very small, but they can easily begin to blur your vision, similar to how impressionist paintings depict their subjects. If your vision remains blurred for several months, it may be time to set an appointment with your doctor.

Seeing halos

Are you seeing a “halo of light” whenever you look at a light bulb or any other source of light? Those who have cataracts often experience this since the protein buildup is starting to diffract the light, causing a halo to form. This particular symptom can be very dangerous as it makes it nearly impossible to see properly when driving at night.

Yellowing eyes

Over time, the proteins that make up the cataract will begin to take on a yellow tinge. This can cause what you see to adopt a yellowish hue, similar to when you cover a flashlight in yellow cellophane. After corrective surgery, you’d be surprised by all the colors you can start seeing again!

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