Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What to Expect During and After Laser Eye Surgery

The unknown usually contributes to one’s uncertainty and stress over particular things, which is what happens to most people when considering laser eye surgery. Although it is actually a pretty straightforward procedure, not having enough knowledge about the process and outcomes of laser eye surgery can contribute to a patient’s anxiety. This is even though laser eye surgery has become much more accessible and affordable through the years from Orange County to New York. Described in this article are what one would expect during and after laser eye surgery.

Prior to surgery, the patient is put under local anesthesia through eye drops. This should take effect in around 10 minutes. During the laser eye surgery, a microkeratome or femtosecond laser creates a thin flap on the cornea. The flap is then peeled back painlessly. Afterwards, the corneal tissue underneath is reshaped with the use of a different laser. Once reshaped, the cornea focuses light on the retina, the cornea is placed back, and then the procedure is finished.

After the operation, the eyes will temporarily feel dry. To avoid infection and inflammation, the patient will be given prescription eye drops to keep the eyes moist. The eye drops will cause a slight yet temporary burn or blurring.

In terms of healing, laser eye surgery is quite quick. Although vision can be hazy and blurry on the first day, many patients achieve better vision in just a couple of days after surgery.

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